Thursday, September 4, 2008

Slow Going

Well, things haven't exactly been moving right along as of late. We spent most of last weekend cleaning out the cellar. Very fun in a 111 year-old house full of 111 year-old dirt. Luckily, my cleaning-machine mother-in-law was there to give us the kick in the butt we always seem to need on "clean-up days." The cellar had to be emptied so that the formal living room/dining room and foyer could be emptied. Those rooms had to be emptied so we can finally, FINALLY get the floors done! Til then, this is what these rooms look like:

Almost pretty.
And, to top off our dirt-filled weekend, my grandfather passed away on Sunday night after a very long, very brave battle with cancer. This grandfather was instrumental in allowing for me and Mike to have the opportunity to purchase the Big Yellow House. While I know he was very happy for us and knew how much we appreciated his help, I really regret not having been able to show him the "finished product" before he left us. Rest in peace, finally.

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