Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sneak Preview Time!

Oy vey, one month since my last post! So goes Summer in blogland, I guess. Well, my family and I enjoyed a very nice vacation in the White Mountains last week (see, I'm coming up with excuses for not blogging - that means at least I care). We got rained on about half of the time - but it was still nice and very much NEEDED!

I thought I'd share a little sneak peek at what my very talented husband has been up to. This project is whole-post worthy in and of itself, but I don't have the before pics with me and he's not quite finished, so that post will have to wait a couple weeks or so. This is a little corner of my beautiful, new foyer (complete with brand new wainscotting done by said husband)...

I absolutely love it! I feel like a little girl at Christmas every time I look at it! This wainscotting might be my single most favorite thing my husband has done to the house. This is better than flowers and chocolate! Don't bring me roses - bring me wainscotting!!!

Incidentally, those framed pictures are of our house in 1952. My husband found them in the attic shortly after we bought the house. Apparently an arsonist set fire to the church next door in 1952 and our house appeared in some of the fire-related pictures. Very cool to have pics of the house from that era. It's hard to imagine that the house was already 55 years old in these pictures!

Okay, now for one more little sneak peek...

This is our new tin ceiling in the foyer. Well it's actually faux tin - but don't tell anyone, okay? I cannot get over how real it looks! We used this* product from Armstrong and just put a few coats of silver spray paint on it before hanging. Oh, how I love my new ceiling! (not as much as my new wainscotting, though ;) )


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cullen!

My "baby" Cullen is two years old today! Happy Birthday! We love you, Cullen Eric!

*I believe this is the pic he uses in his profile. I've heard swimmies are a real turn-on with the pre-school set.