Friday, September 12, 2008

It Worked! It Actually Worked!

Yesterday afternoon, Mike set out to pick up a large amount of dry ice in a last ditch effort to rid the foyer of some extremely stubborn asbestos tiles. We had heard rumors about this working, but couldn't find any first-hand accounts - so we were a little nervous. Well, by the time I got home from work at 5:00, all signs of the tiles were GONE!!! There were still a few "freeze" marks on the floor when I arrived - I had just missed all the fun.

Mike and my dad had spread the dry ice out in a row and let it sit for about five minutes, while uneasily watching the stuff smoke like crazy. Then, when they scraped up the tiles, they just shattered like glass! Came right up as if they hadn't even been glued down! They kept repeating this method, row after row, moving the "line" of dry ice back further and further until the whole foyer (approx. 150 sq. ft.) was cleared. We used about 100 lbs. of it, altogether.

I forgot to take some pics this morning, so I'll take some when I get home tonight.

As an added bonus, Mike said the dry ice method really cut down on the airborne dust BIG TIME.

We're calling this experiment a SUCCESS!

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