Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Just Have to Say...

Yesterday, when I got home from work and checked out the new hardware for my craigslist bureau, I was SO impressed.

I ordered these drop pulls from and not only did they have really great customer service, but the product I ordered was well-made and affordable. None of that hollow- in-the-back cheap hardware crap. These are really nice, heavy, quality pulls. I can't speak for every item they carry, but my personal experience with Quality Bath was great and I wanted to pass it along (no, I don't work for them :) ).

And, in keeping with my usual "biting off more than I can chew" philosophy, I picked up a little something for my next project:
Sorry the pic is so bad. I took it early this morning, in my basement, in zero natural light and then overcompensated by lightening the hell out of it with Photoshop.

I have wanted one of these chairs since BEFORE Pottery Barn made them popular - namely, since I saw Diane Keaton sitting in one in her lovely beach house in Something's Gotta Give...

Could I be any more obsessed with this beach house? I know I'm not the only one. There should be meetings for this kind of obsession. Anyway, I found this chair at Salvation Army for $15. But, I think it's pretty old (albeit very solid) and I'm feeling kinda guilty about painting it. Anybody think I shouldn't? I did want one to paint a lighter color, but the last thing I wanna do is ruin an antique. Guess I'll try to find out how old it is before doing anything with it.

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