Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Own Little Nook

Just a pic of my newly created reading area...

This is at the end of our upstairs hallway, to the side of the back staircase. I'd wanted this chair since the first time I saw it in the Pottery Barn catalog. Has a nice British Colonial feel to it. I can't remember the specifics, but I think the chair and ottoman together were over $800.00. I scored this one on craigslist for $70 because one of the legs was slightly damaged (nothing a little Sculpwood can't fix).

Sadly, my little nook is only temporary and will be dismantled shortly to accommodate an armoire we bought for this area. We NEED the storage. Getting the chair to this location was a LOT of fun. Moving a large, oddly-shaped piece of furniture down the world's most narrow hallway was quite the challenge. Reminded me of the "Pivot!" episode of Friends...search it on youtube. We've all been there.

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Gene said...

Looks like a great little reading spot. Too bad it's not permanent :-(