Friday, August 22, 2008


I am a serial procrastinator. I don't know why I am this way. Sure, I tend to work well under pressure, but I also totally freak out while doing it. This has, at times, jeopardized my marriage. My husband has resorted to simply saying "your doing it again..."

I've recently realized that I procrastinate due to the sheer amount of "to-do's" running through my head at any given time. This realization has caused me to attempt to become more organized.

I've also recently realized that one area in which I tend to procrastinate HUGELY is this blog. And so I have decided to take action and become blog-organized. I've begun keeping my design magazines and inspiration pics all in one place and when I get an idea for a new entry, I write it down right away. Which brings me to my new "get organized!" gear:

Where did I find such cute little binders and notebooks? Papyrus? Some high-end paper shop? Nope. Stop & Shop. That's right, Stop & Shop. As in, "I found them while picking up some boneless chicken breast last night." Anything that makes grocery shopping more interesting while making me more organized in the process has got to be a good thing. For info on these notebooks go to They have some really cute, really cheap stuff.

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