Monday, January 25, 2010

A Month Late. A Buck Short.

Okay, yes, it is officially a month after Christmas. But I couldn't very well let these pics go to waste, now could I? Or, maybe I could have, as once again half of my pics are from my crappy cell phone camera...

Annnd, of course, any excuse to show off the rink...

On a COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE (as in, NO this is NOT some kind of "hint." NO, I am NOT pregnant again). I found this old scan while going through my computer looking for the Christmas pics. Is this not the most freakish sonogram you've ever seen?

This is Mr. Cullen, in utero, acting as if he was fully expecting us. I think he's saying, "Here I am! Over here! See you in July!" I usually cannot make heads or tails of these things, but Cullen was doing his damnedest to make it all plain as day for his sometimes-a-little-slow Mom. Okay, enough about that. Just had to share that one.

Tomorrow I'll post some pics of our quick fix of the World's Smallest Bathroom.

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John Dugan said...

I need those Audrey drapes for my wife. Is there any chance you'd be interested in selling them? please contact me at johndugan2 at yahoo dot com

BTW, cool blog!


Nashville, TN