Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sneak Preview Time

Well, I may have stopped posting for a while, but we have NOT stopped working! There is much to be blogged!

So, I'll start with a little sneak preview of the finally-almost-done second floor bath. When we bought the house, we decided right away to turn the smallest second floor bedroom into a bathroom. I know, I know, probably not the smartest move resale-wise, but as of now we have no intention of moving and the existing second floor bathroom just wasn't cutting it (i.e., is that a hole in the floor?).

Mike has been hard at work on this project, as we have an appraisal coming up and apparently you really NEED a bathroom for a house to have maximum value. Again, this is only a sneak peek, but I should have the final, finished bathroom ready to post by next week. Here is our lovely new shower stall, sans glass door and shower heads:

Okay, the color is a little "off" due to the early morning light, but you get the picture. I swear this stall is bigger than the entire downstairs bathroom. I should have thrown the kids in there for a nice size comparison. Here, I'll do a mock-up instead:

See, I told you it was big. Finn's on the left and Cullen's the one with the big head.

And, a close-up of the tile and border:

I cannot WAIT for this room to be done. I expect it will be life-changing.
Mike and I are already fighting over who gets the first shower. I suppose he did do all of the grunt work. But, I suspect if I snuck in he wouldn't kick me out. Or, maybe he would - it's just that awesome.

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Janet said...

It's GORGEOUS - and actually even more beautiful in person! Nice work guys!!!!