Friday, December 5, 2008

Now How Do I Explain This to the Neighbors?

When Mike and I were house-shopping, we had a list of the usual criteria to fill, for the most part.

In or close to our hometown? Check.

Big enough to grow into? Check.

Historic charm? Check.

Affordable? Check. Kinda.

Yard big enough to house a hockey rink? Check.

Yes, that really was one of the things my husband took into consideration when buying the house. Normally, I would've given him some grief over such a thing, but the words "three shower-head shower" worked a strange kind of magic on me. And so I caved, with visions of future hour-long showers dancing in my head.

I guess it's only a minor technicality that the shower still isn't finished. The hockey rink, however, is moving right along. Just in time. I'm sure Mike and the boys will get much use out of the rink this Winter. Actually, I'm not sure the boys have much of a say in the matter, especially since our college plans for them are "hockey scholarship." I'm only kind of kidding. Besides, isn't "Finn Granara" is great pro hockey name? See, that's what I thought!

Can you believe they sell kits to do this? Hockey fans must be especially die-hard. Mike still has to add the liner and fill it with water, but here it is so far, in all it's glory - our very own hockey rink:

He's so crazy. But that's why I love him.


Jen said...

Oh, man! That is AWESOME! At least, it's GOING to be! ;-) Rocky and I are BIG hockey fans, and go to Dallas games as often as we can. You're going to have such fun -- imagine, getting your stick on the ice, right in your own backyard!

The Yellow House said...

Thank you, Jen :) If you're ever in MA let me know!

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Are you depending solely upon the exterior temperature or is there some sort of freezing aparatus that goes with it?